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How to Set Up Your Account

Watch the following video that explains how to sign up in Host Then Profit for the 7 day trial for just $1

Enter your real name and email address to receive mail from the company. Chose a username and always use your real name on the internet to ‘brand’ yourself. Trust me you do NOT want to be anonymous online. Using a fake name is the fastest way to get no where when it comes to building relationships online.

Join Host Then Profit Video

Join Host Then Profit for $1 Trial

What Is a Domain Video?

Your blog or website should be your real name .com or .net if available. If your name is popular, you could use one of the other extensions like .info or .co. There is also an unlimited variation of possible blog names by saying workathomewithmary.com or workfromhomewithjohn.com. Just put on your thinking cap and come up with what will work for you.

Registering Your Domain On Go Daddy Video

Click the banner below to go and register your domain on a secure server. Register your own domain name and host it on your account in Host Then Profit! Keep in mind that you need to register an account with the Domain Registration system. Once you click on the link, choose a domain name, create your registrar account and purchase that perfect name! Do not purchase hosting or anything else at Go Daddy because you have all your marketing tools in Host Then Profit.

Create an Account In Host Then Profit

Now you need to create an account in your Host Then Profit back office web host manager.

Log into your Host Then Profit back office.

On left side dashboard, look for Account Functions header.

Click on Create a New Account.

Type in your domain, chose username, password and email to receive details.

Step by Step Process of Changing Domain Name Servers on Go Daddy Video

How to Switch your DNS settings

Visit your registrar and switch the “DNS” settings to ours. You need to have your domain name point to our Domain Name Servers. In order to modify your name servers associated with your domain you need to go to the place where you registered your domain name. Once at your registrar there is usually an area called “Manage my account”. Log in with the username and password that you created when registering your domain and then look for an option like “Manage name servers”.

These are the DNS to use:


Go to My Contact Page if you need to reach me by Skype or phone.

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