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Do you make money with your web host? Do you have all the tools you need to succeed online in one place? If you answered No, GVO is your solution. Global Virtual Opportunities is a powerful one stop hosting shop. Here are some of the highlights of your monthly subscription fees:

30 Day Free Web Hosting Trial

Unlimited Hosted Domain Names

Unlimited MySQL Databases

Unlimited Sub-domains

Unlimited Email Accounts

Unlimited Autoresponders/Forwarders

Downtime Witness

Easy Video Producer Software

Prospecting System

GVO is the best value for hosting your websites on the internet. You can host as many sites as you want. The company gives you a whole suite of marketing tools for a very affordable monthly subscription fee. Watch this short video that highlights the services you receive for your monthly fee:



Once you set up your first site, adding content and blogging about your products or services will bring you traffic. Branding yourself with your name .com is the recommended way to go. I have created parsonsmarketing.net which you are reading right now.

You can also optimize your webpages with keywords relevant to your business. This is simply the meta tags and meta description fields of your html. Don’t let the technical details of html frustrate you. There are tutorial sites that will help. You don’t need to know html to get started because GVO gives you the basics to get started. In GVO, you can download the Fantastico software and this will allow you to set up your domain and use WordPress to quickly add content. WordPress is already set up to guide you through the optimization process.

GVO Academy will teach you all you need to know about setting up your blog or domain. The instructors also share how to set up your Eresponder Pro. You will learn how to place sign up forms on your pages and posts to build your list. Once you have a list built, you can market your products and services to your list.

Eresponder Pro


Eresponder Pro allows you to have 100 email campaigns and up to 20,000 subscribers. By using double opt in to confirm subscribers, your messages have a very high delivery rate. You can send html or text messages to your campaign subscribers. Send broadcasts and stay in touch with your list often to grow your business.

Get started now with a 14 day trial of the tools by clicking here: GVO

Easy Video Producer

Everyone has heard of the video site You Tube. One drawback to relying on You Tube for your business video hosting is that ads will be shown to your prospects. Do you really want a competitor’s ad shown to a potential client? I know I don’t. That is why I rely on Easy Video Producer to host unlimited videos for my products and services. I can also create unlimited templates, squeeze and capture pages to build my list which we have already covered above.


Prospecting System

GVO also includes a system for you to prospect your contacts. Grow your subscribers in your Eresponder Pro by sending out messages to your contacts.


Web Conference

Webinars allow business owners to meet with clients from around the world. You no longer have to rent a room at a hotel and hope people show up to attend your marketing seminar. People can log onto the internet from anywhere and they do not have to download any software to attend your event. GVO Conference will help you train and teach your business clients also. Your GVO Titanium account has a 10 seat room at no charge. If you need a larger room, there are upgrades available at a very low cost.


Downtime Witness

Do you need to keep an eye on a competitor’s website? Do you want to monitor your website for reliability? You can use Downtime Witness to receive alerts anytime your site or your competition’s website is offline.


Call me if you have any questions about the incredible value GVO offers with Titanium Hosting accounts!

Daniel Parsons

Skype: missionarydanielparsons