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Set Up Your Website

Set Up Your Website

Welcome to my Set Up Your Website post. Internet Marketing is a Science. You don’t have to invent anything new. I have a system in place that you can easily follow to build a successful home based business. I believe in the wisdom that if I help enough people get what they need (a successful and profitable home based business) then I will naturally be given what I need.

There are three areas of Marketing that I highly recommend using to build any kind of business. The first recommendation is to host a domain and blog. Branding yourself and having a storefront on the internet is simple to do. Go Daddy has some great deals right now so register a site and save money.


Set Up Your WebsiteGlobal Virtual Opportunities has the best marketing package available. The company gives you a whole suite of marketing tools for a very affordable monthly subscription fee. Once you set up your first site, adding content and blogging about your products or services will bring you traffic. Branding yourself with your name .com is the recommended way to go.

You can also optimize your webpages with keywords relevant to your business. This is simply the meta tags and meta description fields of your html. Don’t let the technical details of html frustrate you. There are tutorial sites that will help. You don’t need to know html to get started because GVO gives you the basics to get started. In GVO, you can download the Fantastico software and this will allow you to set up your domain and use WordPress to quickly add content. WordPress is already set up to guide you through the optimization process.

GVO has the Eresponder Pro. You can have up to 20,000 subscribers with your titanium hosting account. If you just have a Host Then Profit account for $9.97 a month, you can have 500 subscribers in the eresponder. Set up your autoresponder and copy the shared campaign code and then just put your contact info in and you are ready for prospects.

Set Up Your WebsiteYou will make sales to your primary business by adding subscribers to your eresponder. The way to build your list is give away something of value from a Lead Capture Page ( LCP ). This is called making sales on the back end. So always show your LCP when marketing in Traffic Exchanges.
Traffic Exchanges (TE) are simply websites that you show your LCP on in exchange for viewing other business owners websites. The reason you show your LCP is not to make a sale but to capture a name and email address ONLY. You want to build your list first and foremost. Now let us move on to developing that prospect with your autoresponder sales letters.

Now that your GVO responder is sending out updates each day to your new prospects, you will want to keep your GVO Conference room open for anyone that has questions. Being available in your virtual office is a key to your success. If you have to go run errands, you can just type in the chat box that you are out and will return at a certain time. You can show videos, websites, powerpoint slides or just have a video to video conference with GVO Conference.

So how do you get started to Set Up Your Website? Click the link to my Host Then Profit site below.

Host Then Profits

The final point I learned over the years about Marketing, is that it is all about communication. I may have the best product, at the best price, have the best promotion in the best place but if I am not communicating with people, I am unemployed. Let people know how to reach you by phone, instant messenger and email. I list my name, full home address, telephone, instant messenger, on my autoresponder emails. The reason is I am a legitimate business. I am here for the long run.

I started in 2005 and have learned much from other people who have helped me grow and learn. We are not a fly by night make a quick buck business. I have been getting residual monthly commissions for years now. These companies send me a W2 or 1099 each year. Hope my Set Up Your Website post has helped you.

Contact Me with any questions! The recorded trainings on GVO Academy are available to you anytime!

Daniel Parsons



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